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A unique, distilled Namibian gin meticulously crafted by gentle infusion of the finest hand- selected botanicals. A special selection of botanicals and a secret recipe form the makings of a perfectly balanced and unique distilled gin. A small batch craft gin that rings true to a handmade product, raw an unfiltered with a subtle difference between batches.



Arid, a single grain Namibian Spirit. Double distilled and full bodied, a Spirit hand cut to perfection. Each bottle filled and hand numbered in true craft spirit.


Our bulk garnish packs comprises of dehydrated fruits. We sell to places that cannot buy fresh garnish such as lodges and other hospitality establishments.


Introducing our small collection of variety gins, the perfect gift for any gin lover. This gift pack includes a selection of unique and flavorful gins, each with its own distinct character and botanical blend. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or surprise a friend, our variety pack is sure to impress. Order now and experience the best of the gin world!

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